rotisserie chicken keto FOR WEIGHT LOSS

rotisserie chicken keto FOR WEIGHT LOSS The best low carb

rotisserie chicken keto

rotisserie chicken keto Grilled chicken recipes with delicious spices and rich in vitamins which are important in the keto diet for weight lossso let’s start our recipes.

keto rotisserie chicken recipes

First recipes of rotisserie chicken keto :

Keto diet recipes fried eggplant cubes in cream cheese sauce with chicken breasts 

This recipe is for cheese lovers, especially those who follow the keto diet, as it is a low-carb recipe because it uses cream cheese sauce, which consists of cooking cream, roumi cheese and mozzarella cheese with cubes of chicken breasts and cubes of fried eggplant, so everyone who follows the Keto diet will addicted to this recipe because it is low in carbohydrates

 ingredients :

1- 1/4 kilo of chicken

2-Green bell pepper

3- Hot pepper “choice”

4- Chopped eggplant cubes

5- Mozzarella cheese cup

6- Roumi cheese cup

7- A cup of cooking cream

8- Spoon of garlic

9- Thyme, cumin, coriander, nutmeg, salt and black pepper

Steps of Keto grilled chicken

rotisserie chicken keto :

  • We are seasoning the chicken with salt and pepper.
  • We cut the chicken to slices then roast the chicken in a pan .
  • In the same pan, put garlic, garlic, chili pepper and turkey pepper, stirring
  • We add cream, rummy cheese and mozzarella and let it boil until the consistency becomes thicker
  • Then we add chicken slices to it, turn over and leave it for a few minutes, then it will be ready .
  • Put the fried eggplant cubes in a serving dish, then pour the delicious creamy sauce with chicken breasts Now Its Ready to be Served  with love.


Second recipe of chicken keto :

keto rotisserie chicken with lemon

The ingredients for two persons :
1- Chicken breast
2- Spices (small sponof ” Onion Powder , Garlic Powder, Salt, Paprika-,black pepper”)

3- Lemon
4- mushroom
5- 1/2 medium tomato
6- Mozzarella cheese

Steps of Chicken  keto with lemon :

We cut the chicken breast.

Put the olive oil heated, then add the chicken and turn it over until it is done

We take out the chicken and with the same pan, put the mushrooms, then tomato, pepper, a little salt and black pepper and stir for about two minutes

Add the chicken, then the cheese, cover it a little, and it will be ready to serve

Now Its Ready to be Served  with Rice

Chicken keto with lemon
Chicken keto with lemon
3- Third one 

Chicken kebab

keto recipes using rotisserie chicken
keto recipes using rotisserie chicken
Chicken kebab is one of the easiest recipes that you can eat during the diet.
The ingredients
5 person
1- 450 grams of very finely chopped chicken
2- 1/2 small spon of (black pepper, lemon juice,chicken spices,latency,cinnamon)
3- Small spon of salt
4- Chopped parsley
  Steps :
  •  Add chopped chicken and all spices (salt , black pepper , chicken spices, cinnamon , latency) and chopped parsley
  • Mix it all very good
  • Cover the bowl
  • put it inthe  fridge at least 4 hours or overnight for the best results
  • Get oven pan  like pyrex and paint it olive oil
  • Preheat  the oven to a temperature 200 c
  • Form it like kebab
  • put it to oven until it’s done
Now Its Ready to be Served  with salad 
Enjoy it

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