The Best Of Chinese Herbs For Weight Loss

The Best Of Chinese Herbs For Weight Loss

Weight loss Chinese herbs

Weight loss Chinese herbs ، Many people know that the efficacy and effectiveness of weight loss Chinese herbs have been tested and proven by experience over centuries. However, how to use weight loss herbs properly is not as easy as they thought.

It is a common sense knowledge that the causes of overweight or obesity vary from person to person. Generally, overweight can be caused by extra calories, excess water, mood disorders, or low metabolism and so on. Therefore, to lose weight by weight lose Chinese herbs, the priority is to know yourself better and acquire more relevant knowledge about those weight loss herbs.

Let’s take some commonly used weight loss herbs for example.

Weight loss Chinese herbs – Honeysuckle

Weight loss Chinese herbs
Honeysuckle – chinese herbs for weight loss

Honeysuckle is one of commonly used weight loss herbs, which is natured of cold and tastes sweet. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believes that honeysuckle can function as follows:

  • Clearing heat-toxicity;
  • Reducing excessive heat;
  • Remove dampness.

As one of effective weight loss herbs, summer is the best time to take honeysuckle.

Generally honeysuckle has a wide application in weight loss treatments. However, for those who still gain weight even though they eat very little, they should avoid by all means using honeysuckle as weight loss herbs.

We believe that this kind of overweight or obesity is caused by endocrine disorder, which generally caused by spleen-stomach deficiency. Honeysuckle is very likely to exacerbate this kind of disorder and turn out to gain you more extra pounds.

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Weight loss Chinese herbs – Bupleurum


Bupleurum, also known as Chai Hu, is also one of commonly used weight loss herbs clinically, which is natured of slight cold and tastes bitter, influencing meridians of liver and kidney. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believes that bupleurum can function as follows:

  • Relieve depression;
  • Benefit gallbladder;
  • Relieve Qi Stagnancy in Liver;
  • Clear excessive inner heat.

Apart from that, bupleurum contains a very unique ingredient of saponins, which can help lower the fat.

If you want to use bupleurum as your main weight loss Chinese herbs, first you have to ask yourself do you have a good or bad temper? If you get mad very easily and frequently, bupleurum is very likely the cure for your overweight. As we know that liver is the vital organ regulating fat metabolism. Once your moodiness impacts the normal function of liver, chances are you gain weight faster. Given that the fast paced society and unhealthy life styles, modern people tend to find themselves very often under high pressure, moodiness, irregular eating and often overeating, in such cases body weight is very easily to be first victim.

In addition, bupleurum is more than just one of efficient weight loss herbs. Bupleurum can eliminate your overweight together with other obesity complications as follows:

  • Chest tightness;
  • Stomach bloating;
  • Moodiness;
  • Breast tenderness during menstruation period;
  • Irritability.
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Weight loss Chinese herbs – Shou Wu

Shou Wu

It is well known that Shou Wu is the preferred herb for preventing premature graying and curing hair loss. However, few people know that actually Shou Wu is also one of efficient weight loss herbs. Shou Wu is natured of warm and tastes bitter and astringent, influencing meridians of liver and kidney. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believe that Shou Wu can moisten the intestine and remove the toxins, which promote intestinal peristalsis to discharge wastes, reduce the intestinal absorption of cholesterol and prevent the deposition of cholesterol in the liver.

As one of weight loss Chinese herbs, Shou Wu is suitable for obesity associated with constipation. As the stools are being accumulated inside the body, the metabolic pathway of gastrointestinal tract is blocked very often. In such cases, how can you reduce your belly fact? The main symptom for this kind of overweight is that your belly, especially lower abdomen, is full all the time even eating less.

chinese diet herbs – Alismataceae


Alismataceae, also known as Ze Xie is another commonly used weight loss herbs, which is natured of cold and tastes sweet . Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believes that alismataceae can function as follows:

  • Eliminating dampness through diuresis;
  • Clearing dampness-heat.

The mechanism for alismataceae to lose weight is that alismataceae is a natural diuretic, which can help to decrease body water and speed up metabolism thus helping in weight loss.

As one of weight loss herbs, alismataceae is used typically in those with fat feet. Alismataceae works as water reducer as it reduces the water level in the body. However, be careful not to take overdose of alismataceae, which will make your stomach upset.

Weight loss Chinese herbs is now a very important integral part of weight loss solutions because weight loss herbs have their irreplaceable edge over other remedies. More and more people come to know that weight loss herbs are dramatic, effective and expediting solution to overweight. However, as mentioned in the beginning, although weight loss herbs are relatively safer to use and not prone to any side-effects, they still need to be used in proper way. Otherwise, weight loss herbs probably turn out to be weight gain herbs in the end if using improperly.

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